Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY: Leather Heart Necklace

How's your Wednesday?  Nothing goin on? Good!  Because I've got one last project for you to squeeze in before Valentine's Day !
This piece is the perfect compliment to whatever outfit you may have planned out for Friday!  For those who are going all out in the pinks and reds, this will be the icing on the cake!  And if you're going for the more neutral look, this provides a subtle pop of color that isn't too overwhelming.  (See how I styled it with black and gold at the end of the post!)
What you'll need:
  • Red leather (mine is from the Leather Hide Store...look out for another post from them coming later this month!)
  • Leather hole punch (I got mine at Lowe's)
  • Gold chain - 19.5"
  • Gold lobster clasps
  • Gold jump rings
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Heart template (just google it and pick your favorite one:)

    Trace your heart onto the back of the leather.  You might want to go over the lines a few times to make sure that they are visible.

Cut the heart shape out.

 If there are any pointy edges, trim them off so that they are rounded.
 Measure and mark two dots on both sides of the top of the heart.  (See picture below)
 Punch these out with your hole puncher.
Open your first jump ring by inserting the smallest pliers you have and pulling them apart.  You don't need to open it super far, just enough for it to fit into the hole in the leather.
Insert the jump ring into the hole and slide a lobster clasp onto the ring.  Squeeze closed (I generally make the two sides of the jump ring overlap to make sure that they do not come open).

Repeat with the other side and put your lobster clasps onto the two rings.

Open up another jump ring.  Slide one side through one end of the chain and the other side through the ring on the lobster clasp.  Squeeze closed.  Make sure that your chain is laying flat, not all twisted up, and repeat with the other side.

You can see here what I mean by making sure that the sides of your jump ring overlap.

And, voila, you have a LOVEly heart necklace to accent your Valentine's Day outfit!

My dear sisters were sweet enough to brave the cold snow to capture these photos.  And to think that just a few days ago we had been taking pictures in the woods for a spring styled shoot!

 We decided to style this necklace with neutral colors to make it stand out more.  The black and white sweater creates a soft canvas while the gold polka dots keep the neutral from being too bland:)

This red leather from the Leather Hide Store is absolutely delicious (yes, that's the only word I use for leather anymore:).  It is super soft and flexible, which makes it easy to work with, but still holds its shape nicely.  I highly recommend checking out their site for all of your leather crafting needs:)

What do you think?  Would you style this necklace with all reds or with a neutral outfit?

The leather for this post was provided by the Leather Hide Store.  All statements and opinions are my own.

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