Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby "Toms"

Here are more of those adorable shoes that Lara's whipping up!  (They only take like an hour:)  She used the same pattern as the last pair.  This time, she decided to add some extra stitching to make them look like the ever-popular "Toms"!  For me, it was definitely love at first sight!  I can't wait for someone we know to have a girl, so I can see these awesome shoes in action!:)
She used a dandelion canvas from an apron, plus some grippy material for those early-walkers:)

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DIY baby shoes

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, a few ladies in our church are pregnant.  So of course now my Pinterest boards are covered with tiny sized goodies!  It seems like my new baby shoes board is growing every day !  There are just so many adorable ideas out there, and I want to try every one!  So many different styles, fabrics, and added accents!:) {Here are some of my favorites! 1 2 3}  While I was out of town a few weeks ago, Lara whipped these little cuties up, and they are so adorable!  She used a green canvas that was left over from a purse she made a few years ago, plus some woodland flannel from a baby blanket:)  She used the second pattern from above.  It is so well written, and super-duper easy!  Go check it out, and also look around her blog for some other great ideas:)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

End of Summer Soiree

In honor of our sister Melisa's birthday, last week we enjoyed a light dinner outside as the sun set behind us. A simple menu of chicken salad on croissants, blackberry-topped fresh peaches from a local farm, and a blended suntea in crystal punch cups.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of school

For most bloggers, that phrase means the kids are out of the house and there's lots more free time for crafting and posting!  Well, with me it's the exact opposite.  It means classes are starting up and soccer's hitting it hard right about now.  So, I may not be posting as much as usual for a while, at least while I get into the hang of the schedule.  But we'll see!:)  I do have some big sewing projects on the line-up, so that should keep me motivated.  And by "big" I mean that I'm using a pattern and actually hafta pay attention to what I'm doing!;)  Well, that's it for tonight! Have a great evening!