Sunday, October 7, 2012

School Pride Flannel Quilt

Webby-world, I [Lara] am here to feature a very, very special guest!! Is it legal to feature your Mommy on your blog? Cause we're doing it!

Both Kelsey and I got our love for everything creative from her... when I was little, she made me a pretty much life-sized doll that had blonde yarn hair and big blue eyes out of fabric paint. I remember sitting for hours and longingly watching her as she hand painted the tiny details on porcelain Pilgrim and Indian Thanksgiving bears. She's made us curtains and bathrobes and dresses and scrunchies and Christmas decorations, and the list goes on and on...

Her latest project was a quilt for a good friend who has graduated from UP and is finishing up his Master's Degree at UW. The comfort of flannel meets school pride in this vibrant purple and yellow quilt!

9" squares of flannel are sewn together, with the ragged ends ending up on one side of the quilt, and the other side ending up flat and clean-looking. You snip along the ragged ends with a pair of fabric scissors. Once you've washed this blanket a couple of times, it takes on a look like chenille where you have cut.