Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY Fireman-Shirt

We have some dear friends who have 4 little boys. The oldest has always been enthralled with firefighters- like so many other boys before him! Kelsey designed a T-shirt to look like the real firefighter's outift that he got to try on at one point. The metalic silver and glow-in-the-dark-yellow help to add to the novelty of this design. A simple project that is bound to bring a smile to any boy's face!
Supplies needed:
- Tshirt in a tan color [Kelsey ended up dyeing hers using Rit dye. Follow the instructions on the box of dye!]
- Fabric paint: bright yellow, metallic silver, and glow in the dark
- Masking tape
-A ruler
-A paintbrush
- Cardboard Tshirt form or newspaper

Start by measuring off the areas on the t-shirt that will be yellow- 2 three-inch strips that are 5inches apart. Line those areas with masking tape to help contain the paint. This is a fast way to create straight lines without handpainting the edges. These stripes go around the entire shirt.
 Put the t-shirt form or newspaper inside of the T-shirt to keep the paint from bleeding into the other side. Paint yellow inbetween the masking tape. Let dry and then turn over and paint the other side.
 After the yellow has dried, repeat this process using the glow in the dark paint over the yellow. The picture above shows the glow in the dark paint, which you then smear evenly onto the yellow. Remove the masking tape. Once it is entirely dry, use the same masking-tape procedure to mark off a 3/4inch strip in the middle of each yellow stripe. Paint a metallic silver line in the middle and let dry.

 Gift this to your favorite 5 year old- or gift it to ten of them! And watch the room light up. Then turn off the light, and watch it light up even more in the dark!

We just had to add on this $3 brand-new find at Goodwill!
Uh oh, now the 1-year old needs a T-shirt....

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  1. I was wondering if you finished this hehe! and YAY it is soooo adorable!


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