Sunday, March 30, 2014

DIY Shoe Clips w/Sunshine Shoppe Supply

(Supplies provided by Sunshine Shoppe Supply)
When most people see lots of flowers and feathers and such, they immediately think "hair accessories."  Now don't get me wrong, hair stuff is cool and all but I wanted to do something a little outside the box with what the Sunshine Shoppe provided! Now, I did make a headband tutorial, but I also brainstormed what else I could put these lovelies on and came up with these shoe clips. Without further ado, let's get those shoes looking purdy!;)
You will need:
(Not only does the Sunshine Shoppe have all the fun flowers and things, but they also have the totally necessary "hardware" [clips, felt, etc] to make all of your accessories!)
 The shabby flowers are attached to each other and sewed onto a strip of mesh.  So to begin with, you will need to cut right between the two flowers and then trim the mesh from around the flower.
(See the stitching that holds the flower onto the mesh? DO NOT CUT THAT but cut close to it so that you cannot see the mesh looking at the flower from above.

Here's a closer look.

Next, apply hot glue gun to one of your felt circles in a spiral pattern (this will hold the flower down securely) and press the flower down.  Don't worry about squishing the flower, you can fluff it up when you are done:)

Put a dot of glue on each side of one of the felt rectangles and press onto the center of the backside of the felt circle. You don't necessarily need the alligator clip on at this point, but it definitely makes it easier to hold.  (If you want to use this flower as a pin later on, do not glue the clip onto the felt.  I decided that I will only be using these as shoe or hair clips, so I put a dab of hot glue under the center of the felt rectangle and slid the clip in, making sure to hold it open so that one side is not exposed to the glue).

Now, repeat with the other set of supplies and you are done!
TADA!  Now you have a super sweet decoration to add onto any old boring pair of flats!  Go rock those cute "new" shoes!
These clips are versatile so that they can be paired with jeans or a nice dress. 

Just think, they'll go perfect with your favorite chambray top!!!

I was not paid to write this review.  However, I received the supplies for this tutorial from the Sunshine Shoppe Supply.  All opinions in this post are mine.

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