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Guest Post: crochet leafy headband

Here is another crocheting post from a friend at church.  (She's the one that made me the crochet bracelet)  Nadia created this awesome headband, and wanted to share it with all of you! 

:::::This is a pattern for a headband. I used a fingering weight yarn and a size E (3.5mm) hook.
Gauge is not necessary!! Yay!

This headband is worked in "segments" that are all made as you go, so there is minimum sewing required.
Sc- single crochet
Inc: two sc in the same stitch

Sl st-slip stitch
Dc-double crochet

To get started, ch 10.
Rnd1: In the second chain from hook, do a sc, and sc the rest of the row across. In the last stitch, do an inc (two sc in the same st), and work in sc in all of the back bumps. Again, in the last stitch of the row, do an increase. By now you should have twenty stitches. If not, that is fine, because the pattern works with any number of stitches.

Rnd2: Sl st in first st, then a sc in the same st (the one you just Sl st in). Then ch 1, and sc into the next st, *ch1 again and sc in the next stitch* Repeat what is inbetween * and * around. When you come to the last st do not ch 1.

Rnd3: Sl st into next sc, ch 3, and double crochet into the first ch space. *Sc in next sc, ch3, dc in next ch space*, and repeat what's in between the * *'s the whole way around. In the very last st, just sc, then Sl st in the same st.

Next segment:
Without finishing off,
Ch 10, and repeat rounds 1-3 for each segment. To make next segment, ch 10 and repeat, making more segments until headband is desired length.

On the very last segment, ch 1 and finish off. Using the tail ends, sew the headband into a circle and weave the ends in.

•Every time you start a new segment it is quite fiddly. Do this part slowly, the time it takes will be much less than if you had to rip out everything.
•A yarn that changes color often looks great. Also, try experimenting with larger yarns such as worsted weight. You might like the chunkier feel!
• Instead of sewing the ends together, you might want to add a hairband to provide stretch.
• If you do not want it to twist at all, blocking or ironing the headband would be a good idea. That is what I did. However, if you like the natural twist, you don't have to iron/block.
•Also, to provide more stretch, I connected the two ends with an i-cord. Here is a tutorial on how to do one:
•this headband is not stretchy, so you hafta kind of fit it on your head as you go:)

And you're done! Congratulations! Hopefully this made sense as it is my first pattern! :::::
(If you have any questions, please leave a comment or e-mail me at fancythatnotion(at)gmail(dot)com.  Also, if you make this headband,  please send me a pic!  We would love to see what you make:)

Please do not sell this pattern.  You may sell the headband if you give credit to the pattern.  Thank you!


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Guest Post: Crochet Tea Bag

Today, we are featuring a crocheted project that was designed by a dear friend of ours! :)  This adorable little tea bag is the perfection addition to anyone's amigurumi collection. [If you don't know amigurumi, look it up on Pinterest!]  Any tea lover will get a smile out of this little guy.
I hope to be sharing some more crochet patterns on the blog this week. Keep an eye out!

Ch 12
Sc across (11)
Sc across other side of chain (22)
Sc around for 7 rounds (22)
Add face
Switch to white
Sc around with 2 dec (20)
Sc around with 1 dec (19)
Sc around with 2 dec (17)
Sc around with 2 dec (15)
Dec around with 1 sc
Stuff lightly-don't stuff too much or it won't have the right shape.
Flatten the top of the tea bag and sc across to close the hole (3-4)
Break yarn and weave it to the middle stich at top so it can be the "string."
Staple a piece of paper to the end to make the tag.
Update: Evenly space out the decreases.  Put some at the front of the tea bag, some on the sides, adn some in the back.  Don't put  them all in one spot.
PInch the sides and bottom of the tea bag to create the desired shape.
Please do not sell this pattern or the finished product in any way.


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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things ~ Pinterest Round-up: Globes

Hello lovelies!  This weeks round-up features globes and maps!  I'm kind of in love with everything travel-related, and I decided to pair these two crafting supplies together:)  Enjoy the inspiration!
The photographers over at Orange Turtle Blog captured this awesome idea: a globe guest book!
Vintage Nailhead Golden Globe
This globe is for sale at this shop on Etsy.  What an awesome idea!
Charming Vintage Map Toggle Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet.  You Select the Journey. 
Check out this awesome map bracelet from dlkdesigns on Etsy!  She even lets you decide the locations!:)
Isn't this map Christmas tree by Maryjanes and Galoshes so cute?  (BTW, what an awesome blog name!)  This just got pinned onto my Christmas tree board;)
Weronika @ Smitten and Hazel created these awesome letters using maps.  What a great way to remember an awesome trip!  (I wish I could go to Paris!!!:)
Elizabeth @ Please Note! used an atlas to make this bunting.  This would be so cute for a little boy's birthday party!:)

How about this idea on PS I Made This?  It's just like a little "catch-all" tray:)

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration this week!  Now I'm itching to go buy some atlases at Goodwill and DIY it up!:)  Do you have any other ideas?  Let me know!
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vintage necklaces

Last week, my sister (aka roommate;) and I were cleaning out our bedroom, and we rediscovered this lovely box full of antique jewelry.  My gramma gave it to us years ago, and the pieces belonged to her and other relatives.  I decided to challenge myself and wear a necklace a day for a week.  (Yes, there are only 6 pictures.  I didn't get a picture of the last one).  Which one is your favorite?
Stephanie took this one with her to school.  I can't wait til spring break!;)

It's so fun to see how styles cycle!

Steph also took this one with her.

I definitely got a lot of comments on this one!  It's kind of out there:)  The best part is, when I'm walking, the tail moves like it's alive!!!:)

I don't know if this tassle is technically part of a necklace, but I just threw it on the "fish" chain.

I think this one is my favorite.  I've never been a huge fan of "choker" necklaces, but this one is just so pretty.
Do you have any antique jewelry?  Or how about a necklace that you kind of go "out on a limb" to wear?:)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's Pinterest Round-Up: Chalkboard (Paint)

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Hello there!  Here are some of my favorite pins featuring chalk board paint!  Has anyone tried to make it yet?  Lara's finished up a project using store-bought paint.  Hopefully it will be up soon!  In the meantime, enjoy some inspiration:)

Julie at Joy's Hope created this awesome count-down sign and has a detailed tutorial at Infarrantly Creative.
Painted Garden Markers and Pot
I love these chalkboard garden markers!   What a cute, and you can always change them as the seasons (and the gardens!) change:)  From Jennifer @ Always In Wonder

Debbie at Happy Clippings created these wooden chalkboard clips.  I think these would be perfect for a potluck!:)
DIY chalkboard necklace
Stephanie @ Henry Happened made this awesome chalkboard necklace.  What a perfect little gift!  She has some for sale in her shop for those who don't want to DIY it.
Check out this awesome Christmas tree!  How simple is that!  (Ok, so you should know.  I've got a thing with fake Christmas trees.  Not the ones that you pull out of a box and don't smell like Christmas trees!  But the ones made out of ribbon, tomato cages, pallets,etc.  In fact, I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas trees.  You should check it out.  Ok, back to chalk boards:)
Here's the inspiration for this tree.

How about these mason jar chalk board labels?  Adorable, and so reusable!  I feel like I saw these labels float by on Pick Your Plum or Very Jane a little bit back.  Anyone else?
Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decal - Great for the kitchen, office or anywhere in your home
How about this chalkboard vinyl to put on your fridge for a dinner menu?  Looks like this etsy shop has a bunch of different ones:)
Man, there are so many more ideas.  I can't put them all on here!  You should probably just check out my pinterest and see that I've been pinning chalkboard all over my different boards;)
Oh, but last and most definitely not least!  Here's the tutorial for how to make a button like I did!  Do you like it?  Her instructions are so clear!

Pam's great tutorial @ House of Hawthornes

Happy Monday everybody!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Post Preview: Felt headband

Here's a little preview for an outfit that I'm designing.  I used this tutorial, just made mine a little bigger.  But, shh, don't tell my sister Stephanie.  It's a surprise:)

Update: I 've found most of what I need for my outfit, just need some trim to finish it off!  I'm so excited, I can't wait to show you!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Choffy: giveaway

As a blogger, I am constantly entering giveaways.  I'm sure you've grown accustomed to writing a comment on "which product you would love the most" or filling out a Rafflecopter Widget.  Well, guess what?  After all those hours of work { ;) }, I finally won a giveaway!!!  Have you heard about the party going on over at Craft Quickies?  They're having 5 awesome giveaways!  The first was from "Pick Your Plum", the second from Choffy, and the third from The Ribbon Retreat.  We're still in suspense about the next two:)  Well, I won the choffy giveaway....fitting for this house huh?;)  I'm so excited to get my two bags!  In the meantime, you should go check out their website and learn a bit more:) 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things ~ Pinterest Round-up: Sweatshirts

I'm sure you've seen a bunch of the awesome ideas on Pinterest for sprucing up plain, old grey sweatshirts.  I don't know about you, but I'm in love with the idea of wearing something as comfy as a sweatshirt, but still looking cute, you know?  Here are a bunch of ideas that I've seen.  I just bought a crew neck sweatshirt on Friday to try something out on.  I'm not sure yet exactly what I'm going to do.  Maybe a combination of these ideas?  Enjoy!
Kimbo @ A Girl and A Glue Gun made this lacey sweatshirt as a guest post for Elegance and Elephants.
How about making your own stamps and recreating this as a sweatshirt?  Loving the feathers/tribal feel.  via this company
Kristina J. created this for a guest post for Merrick at Merrick's Art.
Printing Pocket Long Sleeve Jumper $41.00
This company sells this sweatshirt for over $40.  Amazing how just a tad bit of patterned fabric can spice it up so much!  SOOOOO simple to DIY!:)
Black or navy cotton sweat shirt embroidered with leather feathers
$140?  Let's see here: $5 crew-neck from Target, some leather (or felt?) from a craft store.  There we go, that's much better;)  from this etsy shop
I've seen this sweatshirt a bunch on Pinterest, but can't find the original source:(  {If you find it, please let me know!!!}  It looks like a pretty simple weave with different pattern fabrics: so cute in my book!:)
This isn't exactly a DIY, or even a sweatshirt.  But, hey, it's inspiration right?;)
PS: I'm hoping to do this round-up every week!  Here's my button if you want to follow along:)

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stamping it up.

During Christmas or other busy seasons, someone from my family is often at Joann's every week or so.  Three of us girls get the mobile coupons and somehow our address is signed up for two of the weekly coupons.  Plus there is Sunday's edition and any online coupons.  And then the app.  Needless to say, we are pretty stocked up on Joann's coupons!  I especially love how generous they are with their coupon policy.  Definitely unbeatable!  Michael's is a little farther away from our house, so I don't generally make it out there very often.  But yesterday Lara and I stopped in, and I definitely hit some good deals!  Turns out I didn't need all the coupons that would've been available at Joann's!:)  I wandered the store for a while, but just kept coming back to the little square, $1.50 stamps near the front.  Well, as the cashier rang them up, turns out that all but one cost $0.45 or $0.25 each!  I've never been a scrapbooker or card maker, but I think I could get used to these adorable little stamps:)  We are thinking of making a cute container and filling it up, right next to where we put all our mail to go out.  That way, whenever someone sends a letter, they can add a cute little stamp to ensure a smile on the other end!:)

Have you been finding any good crafting deals lately?

Monday, January 7, 2013


It's official. There is no turning back now.

We've given into the iPhone. Sibling texting chatrooms now make it possible to be awakened at all hours of the night as those on other sides of the country chime in with their say on things. Layovers at the airport consist of us playing "Words with Friends" with those sitting in the chair next to us. Mom is very surprised to be talking "face to face" with us on facetime when she thought she was actually making a phone call.

BUT. Along with the iPhone has come a newfound appreciation for Instagram and a love for Instagrammery! And so, please find our blog now accessorized with sneak-peaks of Lara's Instagram feed where you will see the life moments that happen between the crafting.

Or, perhaps the crafting happens inbetween these real-life moments.