Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY: iPod nano case

Alrighty, here's a quick little project.  All you need is felt, matching thread, matching embroidery thread, plastic sew-on snaps, hot glue gun, and any pretties you may want to add:)
Cut out two squares about 2.5x2.5 inches.  Then cut out a shape with a 2.5in square and a 1.5 in triangle on top (measurements are estimated, you can just use your nano for the sizing.  Make sure to leave enough room for the nano to squeeze into!)
Sew a plastic snap on the very top of the triangle with thread that matches your felt.  Place a square on top and mark where the snap would come down to.  Sew the other part of the snap on that spot.
Sew this square down onto the other piece with the matching embroidery thread.  Make sure to sew it so that the snaps are on the same side!
Glue the other square onto the back.
And you're finished!  It's pretty easy-peasy!
cozy pocket for earbuds:)
Maybe next time I'll add some rick-rack or lace or something:)

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