Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY: framed jewelry hanger

My sister was recently looking for a new way to hang all her jewelry up as the previous organizer was  falling apart.  So I set to work finding some inspiration on Pinterest ( and and here's what she came up with.  She stapled chicken wire to the top part of the frame, taped the stick underneath it.  Nails in the stick and on top of the frame hold necklaces and bracelets.
Two really simple necklaces.  A stone and a key attached onto pieces of ribbon.
Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!


  1. This is a cute idea for an old frame ;)

    1. Thank you! It's a fun way to use something that might otherwise get ignored:)

  2. I found you through Stone Gable! This is adorable! I actually made a similar framed earring display but used burlap and lace instead of a screen. I'd love if you took a look!

  3. This turned out great! I also made one similar for my daughter. Your newest follower from Get Schooled. :)

  4. This turned out so cute! I love being able to see my jewelry too!

  5. Love the blue necklace goes with everything, very pretty. Stopping by to say Hi from the blog hop. Come visit sometime, tea is cold and no shoes are required. Kathy B. New follower

  6. So great & functional. Thanks so much for linking up on Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust. {Sorry I'm running late, I've been on vacation.}

    Warmly, Michelle

  7. What a fun way to organize the jewelleries! thansk for sharing this with us



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