Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY: rosette lanyard

My older sister recently received a lanyard from the college that she'll be attending in the fall { :'( } and she loves using it.  However, the navy blue canvas with chunky white letters doesn't really match her flowery, vintage style.  So I decided to make her a fun, feminine lanyard, and it was much easier than I expected!

  • 1 yd of lanyard material of your choice (the section in Joanns with all the frills and ruffles on spools is great!)
  • split ring or "D" ring
  • thread to match material
  • basic sewing supplies
This tutorial is so simple, you hardly need pics.  But here you go:)
(The material that I chose is little rosettes sewn onto the mesh.  The mesh measured about 4 inches wide, so I hand stitched it so that it is hardly visible under the rosettes.)
Place the ring on the end of your material and fold it over about 3/4".
Place the other end on top and fold over 3/4".  (Make sure that the material is not twisted and will lie flat on your neck)
Depending on the strength, sew two or three straight lines, making sure to catch all of the material.  And you are finished!


  1. Adorable! This would make a great teacher gift too!

    1. Great idea! And are so many different ruffles and things that you could use:)

  2. Great idea! Wow, she's leaving so soon!

  3. So cute! If that's her top, it looks like it'll match her personality much better. Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize!

  4. Very nicely done! I remember the chunky, free lanyards that screamed "I'm a college kid!" Very good solution.

    1. Yes exactly! It might as well be cute while being functional, right?:) Thanks for the compliment:)

  5. What a beautiful lanyard! It's really very pretty and delicate!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  6. that so pretty! thanks for sharing this lovely project. I can't wait to see you at the party this week. have a fun weekend!



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