Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guest Post: crochet leafy headband

Here is another crocheting post from a friend at church.  (She's the one that made me the crochet bracelet)  Nadia created this awesome headband, and wanted to share it with all of you! 

:::::This is a pattern for a headband. I used a fingering weight yarn and a size E (3.5mm) hook.
Gauge is not necessary!! Yay!

This headband is worked in "segments" that are all made as you go, so there is minimum sewing required.
Sc- single crochet
Inc: two sc in the same stitch

Sl st-slip stitch
Dc-double crochet

To get started, ch 10.
Rnd1: In the second chain from hook, do a sc, and sc the rest of the row across. In the last stitch, do an inc (two sc in the same st), and work in sc in all of the back bumps. Again, in the last stitch of the row, do an increase. By now you should have twenty stitches. If not, that is fine, because the pattern works with any number of stitches.

Rnd2: Sl st in first st, then a sc in the same st (the one you just Sl st in). Then ch 1, and sc into the next st, *ch1 again and sc in the next stitch* Repeat what is inbetween * and * around. When you come to the last st do not ch 1.

Rnd3: Sl st into next sc, ch 3, and double crochet into the first ch space. *Sc in next sc, ch3, dc in next ch space*, and repeat what's in between the * *'s the whole way around. In the very last st, just sc, then Sl st in the same st.

Next segment:
Without finishing off,
Ch 10, and repeat rounds 1-3 for each segment. To make next segment, ch 10 and repeat, making more segments until headband is desired length.

On the very last segment, ch 1 and finish off. Using the tail ends, sew the headband into a circle and weave the ends in.

•Every time you start a new segment it is quite fiddly. Do this part slowly, the time it takes will be much less than if you had to rip out everything.
•A yarn that changes color often looks great. Also, try experimenting with larger yarns such as worsted weight. You might like the chunkier feel!
• Instead of sewing the ends together, you might want to add a hairband to provide stretch.
• If you do not want it to twist at all, blocking or ironing the headband would be a good idea. That is what I did. However, if you like the natural twist, you don't have to iron/block.
•Also, to provide more stretch, I connected the two ends with an i-cord. Here is a tutorial on how to do one: http://www.planetjune.com/blog/narrow-pointed-tubes-for-amigurumi-video/
•this headband is not stretchy, so you hafta kind of fit it on your head as you go:)

And you're done! Congratulations! Hopefully this made sense as it is my first pattern! :::::
(If you have any questions, please leave a comment or e-mail me at fancythatnotion(at)gmail(dot)com.  Also, if you make this headband,  please send me a pic!  We would love to see what you make:)

Please do not sell this pattern.  You may sell the headband if you give credit to the pattern.  Thank you!


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  1. this is gorgeous. definitely pinning for when I finally sit down and learn to crochet !Thanks so much for sharing this at my link party :)

    Marissa @ Rae Gun Ramblings

    1. Thanks for hosting the party!!! I'm following your blog:) And yes, these two girls are my inspiration for when I finally get crocheting down!:)

    2. Aww, so glad you like it:) Hope you get a chance to make it! and please, please, PLEASE ask if anything doesn't make sense:)

  2. Hi! I'm so glad you posted our patterns! Thank you!

  3. Very, very cute! Congrats on being a published designer Nadia!

  4. I really need to learn how to crochet. That is SO CUTE and my daughter would love it...ahem...I would have to borrow it, just to try, every once in awhile. :)

    1. These young ladies have been such an inspiration to me! I'm trying to learn to crochet right now! I think you should take it up:) And please send us pictures if you end up making this some day!

  5. This is so dainty and cute! I am going to try making it for my niece! I have a new Pinterest Power party and would love to have you share this and any other projects you have!



    1. Yay! Please send us pictures! I linked up this and another guest crochet project that we put up: a cute little tea bag! I also added your button to my link party post:) Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Please le us know if yours tens out!~Nadia

    3. I meant, " Please let us know if your turns out!" :)

  6. Oh, and by the way, although I did iron it it stays twisted. So don't worry about twist~Nadia

  7. Wow! So pretty :) Thanks for linking up to the weekly creative.

    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  8. That's so gorgeous! Now that my hair is short I think I'll have to try it! Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

    1. Thank you! Please send pictures if you do make it:)

  9. I love this! I'll have to make one for my daughter! :)

    1. Awesome! Feel free to send pictures if you do make it:)

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