Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's Pinterest Round-Up: Chalkboard (Paint)

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Hello there!  Here are some of my favorite pins featuring chalk board paint!  Has anyone tried to make it yet?  Lara's finished up a project using store-bought paint.  Hopefully it will be up soon!  In the meantime, enjoy some inspiration:)

Julie at Joy's Hope created this awesome count-down sign and has a detailed tutorial at Infarrantly Creative.
Painted Garden Markers and Pot
I love these chalkboard garden markers!   What a cute, and you can always change them as the seasons (and the gardens!) change:)  From Jennifer @ Always In Wonder

Debbie at Happy Clippings created these wooden chalkboard clips.  I think these would be perfect for a potluck!:)
DIY chalkboard necklace
Stephanie @ Henry Happened made this awesome chalkboard necklace.  What a perfect little gift!  She has some for sale in her shop for those who don't want to DIY it.
Check out this awesome Christmas tree!  How simple is that!  (Ok, so you should know.  I've got a thing with fake Christmas trees.  Not the ones that you pull out of a box and don't smell like Christmas trees!  But the ones made out of ribbon, tomato cages, pallets,etc.  In fact, I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas trees.  You should check it out.  Ok, back to chalk boards:)
Here's the inspiration for this tree.

How about these mason jar chalk board labels?  Adorable, and so reusable!  I feel like I saw these labels float by on Pick Your Plum or Very Jane a little bit back.  Anyone else?
Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decal - Great for the kitchen, office or anywhere in your home
How about this chalkboard vinyl to put on your fridge for a dinner menu?  Looks like this etsy shop has a bunch of different ones:)
Man, there are so many more ideas.  I can't put them all on here!  You should probably just check out my pinterest and see that I've been pinning chalkboard all over my different boards;)
Oh, but last and most definitely not least!  Here's the tutorial for how to make a button like I did!  Do you like it?  Her instructions are so clear!

Pam's great tutorial @ House of Hawthornes

Happy Monday everybody!


  1. Fun! On pinterest I saw another thing, which I really love- a chalkboard vinyl decal for your fridge!! It was so pretty! I'll link the pin:


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