Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stamping it up.

During Christmas or other busy seasons, someone from my family is often at Joann's every week or so.  Three of us girls get the mobile coupons and somehow our address is signed up for two of the weekly coupons.  Plus there is Sunday's edition and any online coupons.  And then the app.  Needless to say, we are pretty stocked up on Joann's coupons!  I especially love how generous they are with their coupon policy.  Definitely unbeatable!  Michael's is a little farther away from our house, so I don't generally make it out there very often.  But yesterday Lara and I stopped in, and I definitely hit some good deals!  Turns out I didn't need all the coupons that would've been available at Joann's!:)  I wandered the store for a while, but just kept coming back to the little square, $1.50 stamps near the front.  Well, as the cashier rang them up, turns out that all but one cost $0.45 or $0.25 each!  I've never been a scrapbooker or card maker, but I think I could get used to these adorable little stamps:)  We are thinking of making a cute container and filling it up, right next to where we put all our mail to go out.  That way, whenever someone sends a letter, they can add a cute little stamp to ensure a smile on the other end!:)

Have you been finding any good crafting deals lately?


  1. We actually went to michaels and got some stamps too! :D ~Nadia


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