Monday, February 4, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: Pinterest Round-Up: Washi Tape

Hello there!  today's inspiration is washi tape!  I hope you've jumped on this band wagon already!  Today I'm not going to give a description for each picture, because there are so many!!!  Hope you enjoy the inspiration:)

Black and White Dotted Tape
Holiday Washi Tape Ideas
This DIY phone case is made with a clear case and washi tape, under $5!

Fancy That Notion


  1. Now, I have to go buy some washi tape. Is washi tape like paper tape? ~nadia

    1. Yes you should! And yes, it is paper tape. Is "washi" "paper" in Japanese?

    2. Not exactly:) "kami" means paper while "washi" is a specific type of japanese paper, often used in fancy japanese origami. :)


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