Friday, August 17, 2012

Last night we surprised Kelsey with an airline ticket to travel to California this morning. She gets to help Stephanie move into her college dorm over the weekend, a surprise that brought joyful tears.

In the meantime I, Lara, get to do the honors of posting a few times!

Last week, Kelsey and I rose early in the morning and met our friend Noriko and her kids for a blue-berry picking fest! One of the best parts of living in the Oregon/Washington area is the bountiful berries that are ours to pick in the summer months. This particular little farm was a mile and a half from our home. How can you resist berries hand-picked that morning?? We can't.

They make the best snack frozen, too.

In an hour and a half, we picked over 20 pounds!

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  1. They are soooo good right out of nature like that! OH...and the Peanut Butter KILLING ME! LOL! Your blog is a hidden treasure! Love it!

    I found you thru the once a month blog hop! FOLLOWING YOU! YAY!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle


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