Thursday, August 30, 2012

Special Occasion Dog Collar Tutorial


Every minute that I spend in my mom's room (the sewing room) working on a project, my doggy is right there beside me. She follows me wherever I go, and she especially loves lying down on whatever fabric I'm working with, denying all attempts to get her to lie down on her cozy pillow. We have TONS of pics of her lying on various fabrics. She just loves sewing!:)

So I decided finally to whip up something for Keiki.  A while back her collar had been rubbing her neck raw, so my mom made a fleece "sleeve" to put around her collar.  This is a "fancified version of that.  And yes, "fancified" is a word:)
Here's the JoJo while I was cuttin out the fabric:)

  • Fleece
  • Lace or other decorative piece
Measure the length and width of the collar, keeping in mind where dog tags and fasteners are.  I just used the sleeve that my mom had made as an example.  It ended up being 3"x10".
Lay lace on top of the fabric, leaving about 1/2" on each end and cut.

Pin the lace on the end that you are not starting on.  Just be careful to not run over the pin when you are sewing.
Sew down one side of the lace.  You seam allowance will just depend on the design of the lace.  I tried to hide my  stitches as well as I could.  Sew down the other side.

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together. Sew one inch away from the edge and turn right side out. Slide onto your dog's collar. And VOILA! Your dog's plain old, beat-up red collar is now fancified!;)

(She loves her "new" collar.  She immediately went around the house showing it off to everyone she could find:)

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