Monday, June 24, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: my life according to my phone

Today's "Favorite Things" isn't in the form of Pinterest links or blog inspiration.  It is simple pictures from my phone capturing some of the things that I am loving lately.  Different filters, raw pictures, various frames, #ABeautifulMess graphics, etc.
Stamps.  Smash, Amy Tangerine, Dear Lizzy.  And smashbook media papers.  What's on your reading list this summer?  Playlist?  Who are your favorite athletes?

Fresh homegrown strawberries.  Like I said on IG, I wish I could send one to all of you:)

Pizza.  Homemade, on the stone, in a mock wood-fire oven (heated to 500+ degrees before cooking).  Lara's all official with that wooden paddle;)

A quick stop for ice cream at a place that my dad would go to in college.  "Those Christmas lights are probably the same ones that were up when I came here."  Ahh, nostalgia.
Adorable Targets that take you by surprise with their cuteness.  This was downtown in our big city.  I can't wait for it to open this summer!

Caprese on a toothpick.

Picnics.  Stripes and floral patterns.  Sun tea in an Izze bottle.

Haagen Daz ice cream bar.  And patterned pants, $14 from Walmart.

A Starbucks photo wall that looks like it popped straight off of Pinterest.  I will be back.

The sound of #paigetheportrait at work.

Pottery Barn Kids.  Make me wish I was a kid again.  Inspire me for more creativity in my own room.

Caramel on green grapes.  Same flavor as caramel apples, nowhere near the mess and work.

Beautiful skies that the Lord paints.  I don't mind the clouds when they look as lovely as this.

Oxfords.  Oh how I love this style.  Lace and floral? Yes please.

This single little flower amidst a sea of green.  The only bloom on the whole plant.  Looked like a little firework.
A dog who hides from showers.  Seriously, she wanted to leave the marshmallow in her hair rather than have a shower (???).

Also, a dog whose hair looks like this after the shower.  Ok, I helped it a tad bit.

$9 men's shirts at JCPenney's.  Will be living in these this summer.  See that one on the bottom left?  Wearing it right now with my polka dotted skinnies.
What are some simple things that you are loving right now?


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