Sunday, June 23, 2013

Silhouette Project: Potluck Sign

Well, I reached a very special milestone on Thursday: I made a recipe from my BAKING board on Pinterest.....for the very. first. time.  I was so excited!  When asked to bring a few dozen cookies to a function, I determined that, instead of making that same old recipe for the thirtieth time (gingersnaps anybody?), I would try something entirely new.  Not just someone's gramma's "world-famous" chocolate chip cookie (now don't get me wrong, I love me a good chocolate chip cookie), but instead something that jumped out of my screen and said "!!!POW!!!"  And, well, these definitely fit the bill.  I'm a major sucker for snickerdoodles.  No amount of self-control can keep me away.  And when I saw this twist on the classic recipe, I was intrigued to say the least.  White chocolate pretzels?  Sign me up, I said.  These cookies should be illegal......or mandatory.  They're that good.  So good, in fact, that they needed a proper introduction.  So, I put #paigetheportrait (yep, "she" has "her" own hashtag) to work and whipped up this little sign!  Super simple and perfectly practical!  (Don't worry: I saved it because I'm SURE I'll be making plenty more batches of these cookies).  And so, bloggyland, here I give you my first "tutorial" using the Silhouette Portrait.  I hope it is the first of many!

Open up your Silhouette program (duh.) and create a new page.  Using the drawing tool, create a square/rectangle.  You don't have to get it perfectly the first time because you can adjust the shape and size.  I decided that I wanted mine to be roughly 4"x6", but decide what is best for you.
For this project, I used "Bookman Old Style" font.  Since I knew these letters weren't going to be huge, I wanted a font that would be easy to peel off.  Center the letters in your rectangular shape, and play with them until they only fill up the BOTTOM half of the rectangle.  Then, put your Silhouette to work!!!  Although you can just leave fold it in half and leave as is, I wanted to add a pop of color to this project.  Since the party was "America" themed, I decided on a sturdy piece of red cardstock for the background.  Instead of cutting pieces out just to cover the words, I decided to incorporate the red into the stand.  Use glue (I used a regular old glue stick [ha!] ) to secure the red on the back of your sign (in the end, I did not fold it exactly in half).  TADA!  You're sign is done!

This is the prefect project for summer parties, potlucks, etc.  And make sure to try out the recipe for these scrumptious cookies!!!



  1. What a great idea-and a fun sign too! Cookies look yummy!

  2. Yum! I LOVED these cookies! :D they were so good. cute sign too, the portrait looks way fun!


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