Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thoughts on Polka Dots....and other things: What I Wore Wednesday

Would you do it?  Would you wear polka dots on polka dots?  Well, I am.  And if I had polka dotted TOMS, I'd wear those too;)  Even though it's a blazing 80 degrees (ok so that's hot where I'm from) I'm braving the elements with long sleeves and jeans.  I just wanted to get this outfit on before summer hits us entirely.
Also, would you wear tribal jewelry with polka dots?  Well, you guessed it!  I am;)

What are YOU wearing today?



  1. Love it, Kelsey!!! Super cute! And yes, I would totaly wear 3 layers of polka dots with tribal jewelry, lol! ~Devin

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