Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Envelope Clutch

Hi.  My name's Kelsey and I start my Christmas shopping sewing in July.  Ok, maybe I do some shopping too.  Now don't start thinking that I'm on top of my game in any way.  I mean, after all, I haven't touched this blog in almost two months.  And I saw the pattern for this clutch in February.  Yep, FEBRUARY.  I've had all the supplies, plenty of time, the pattern on hand.  And yet........it's August.  But hey, at least I sewed something that has been hanging out on my Pinterest board right?
Anyways, Kate over at See Kate Sew created this pattern in February and had a mini series of other ladies sewing up their own versions.  So, here is what I came up with for this awesome pattern!  For the outside, I used a sophisticated and simple tan canvas.  I plan on adding a decorative pin on a chain for the closure (I'm afraid of button holes).

On the inside, I added a pop of color with a vintage sheet that I scored for just a few quarters (remember this shopping trip?).  This pouch is going to be a Christmas gift for my sister (Shhh! If you see her, don't tell!).
 I love how you can barely see the edge of the sheet from the outside!

I also whipped up this clutch using a sturdy black denim and then a thin gingham (sp?).  Even with the extreme weight difference, it was still easy to sew up.  And when I said whipped up, I really meant it.  I had been working on a super fun shirt that totally ended up being the wrong size (maybe I'll post that later.....#DIYfail).  I instantly needed a project that I new worked, so I whipped up that clutch in under an hour!  I think these might be my new "standard" gift.  Super simple to sew, with endless pattern options!  You can sew on a fun button, use a snap or magnet for a hidden option, or use a decorative pin to keep it closed!
Also, I wanted to point out the graphics that I used for these pictures.  The lower one was created with the "A Beautiful Mess" app (hashtags are #abmapp and #abeautifulmess) and the "Rhonna Farrer' app (#rhonnadesigns_app and #rhonnadesigns).  The lower one used the "A Beautiful Mess" app.  If you don't have either of these, you should grab them up!

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  1. Hi! Nice to see you posting again. Those clutches are really cute! :3

    1. Thanks so much! I'm trying to post a little bit more regularly:) If you have any crochet or knitting patterns you want to put up, just let me know!!!

  2. Hey Pretty lady!! Just so you know I used this pretty little clutch as a feature on this weeks link party! Please head over and check it and link up any other posts you've got!!

    1. Hey you!!! Thanks so much for featuring my clutch! I love seeing what everyone else is linking up to your party! I added my Instagram photo display to this week's link-up, and am about to add your button to my post:)

  3. Really cute! Pinned and sharing on Facebook:) New follow for your page. Stop by:)


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