Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Few Favorites: Crafty Supplies

What are some crafting supplies that you cannot live without?  You know, the ones that you always reach for when you're making that last minute gift?  Here are a few that I am always digging for in my craft supplies.
  1. Ribbon: I love ribbon.  You can use it for absolutely everything.  I even save the ribbon off of paper shopping bags.  This particular ribbon comes from the Anastasia Marie Shop on Etsy.  She is actually the older sister of a friend of mine!  If you haven't checked out her shop, I definitely recommend that you stop by.  She has such awesome crafty goodies!
  2. Fold-over Elastic (FOE): I've only made one purchase of FOE and I bought a bunch at the same time.  You know those cute little hair bands that you see at Anthro (3 for $12)?  Well, I got enough to make a dozen headbands plus a gazillion little hair bands.....for less than that.  Can't be beat, right?
  3. Clothespins: particularly those with glitter.  Because glitter makes everything better right?  Remember the autumn garland that I showed you?  Having clothespins in my crafty bins came handy with a last minute project.  But now I'm wishing I had glitter-ified them!
  4. Gift tags: Can't you see it?  You're running out the door for a birthday with your quickly-put-together gift and realize there's no tag!  Well guess what? PROBLEM. SOLVED.
  5. Decorative Embroidery Hoop: I have a bunch of little pretties all embroidered up and ready to be given as gifts.  But just when I need them the most, I realize that I don't have any embroidery hoops except for the cheap plastic ones.  It would be super handy to have a pretty one like this on hand.
  6. Baker's Twine: ahh.  This really doesn't need a description.  Everyone knows all the different things you can do with baker's twine, right?  Wrap gifts and embroidery hoops, make Christmas trees.....the options are endless.
  7. Washi Tape: I saw a giveaway a little bit ago for 72 rolls of washi.  My first thought was "What would I do with 72 rolls of washi?!?!?!?"  Haha.  My next thought?  "What WOULDN'T I do with 72 rolls of washi?"  You can literally put washi on anything.  ANYTHING.  Your phone, your keyboard, your door, cards, gifts, pictures, puppies (ok. maybe no puppies).  The sky is the limit.  (#washibombinganyone?)
  8. Thread Scissors: for all those embroidery and sewing projects.  And everything is better vintage right?

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