Sunday, January 19, 2014

Phone Backgrounds

A little bit ago, I stumbled upon a website that publishes Bible verse graphics for free in the format of an iPhone background (Hand Lettering Co).  I quickly downloaded a few and put them on my phone (right now I have the "LOVE" graphic, but I just might rotate through a few of them).  It is such a good reminder to have Bible verses surrounding you and such a blessing to hide God's Word in your heart!!!
With that in mind, I created a few backgrounds of my own (using the Rhonna Farrer app).  Because of the size, I wasn't able to fit whole verses on the picture, but just a few short reminders.  Feel free to download them and share them as much as you want!!!
Click on the link.  You can then download the image from that site. (If you are on your phone, it should save directly to your camera roll and you can go from there.  If you are on your computer, you can then email the picture to your phone and save it.)

[The lighting on the my phone was a bit lighter, so hopefully it is the same for you.  Let me know if there are any problems!!!]

Are there any verses or phrases that you would like to be reminded of constantly?  I'd definitely be willing to try my hand at a few more!!!


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